2020 Community Survey
Exit Survey
Since 1961, the Lincoln Park District has provided valuable and meaningful recreation programs, facilities, parks and services to our community. To continue to do so, the District is in the midst of developing a new Comprehensive Master Plan. The goal of this plan is to help us by being an ongoing roadmap for the future.
The community input collected from this survey is vital in developing the Master Plan and will impact the planning process over the next five to ten years. This information will directly assist in defining the parks and recreation needs and help establish priorities for the future development of the Park District. Your response to this survey is extremely important.
Public Research Group, an independent research firm, has been selected to help us in conducting this survey.  Please note, your responses will remain confidential.

Please note that the Lincoln Park District is a separate, autonomous agency, independent from the governance of the City of Lincoln and Logan County. 

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